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Tens of thousands of people have learned how to pay no money out of pocket for all or part of a loved one’s final expenses by using the No-Cost

Freedom of Choice Certificate

How it works?

They do this by using their current life insurance combined with our Freedom of Choice certificate! Even if you currently have no life insurance, our representative can help you. This will allow you to pay no money out of pocket for a loved ones funeral expenses.

Americans say they were not ready for the costs of the funeral of a loved one. This can mean paying out of pocket, going into debt, or having to settle for less of a ceremony than they planned.

With basic funeral costs averaging $6,250, it’s no surprise this can cause great strain on families.

Tens of thousands of people have learned how to pay no money out of pocket for all or part of a loved one’s final expenses!!

By using the NO-COST Freedom of Choice Certificate.

When you pass away, the certificate is handed to a funeral director by a loved one. Even if you do not currently have an insurance policy, our program helps you get set so you can help lessen the burden for loved ones. Accepted at most funeral homes!

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Final expense life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance where the death benefit is used to cover medical costs and other end-of-life expenses, most often funeral costs including services like burial or cremation, items like caskets and urns, and more. With the Freedom of Choice you can do it WITHOUT MONEY OUT OF POCKET!!

Burial and funeral planning are an important element of any long-term financial plan. The costs for both can be high; the average funeral expense ranged from $7,000 to $15,000, which includes a funeral service, burial, and installation of a headstone. Our Freedom of Choice Certificate can help make those costs easier to bear for your loved ones.

Potentially pass on THOUSANDS of more dollars to loved ones from your policy due to funeral homes not being able to know your policy amount.

Our Certificate helps you release Full or Partial Coverage of a policy for Funeral & Burial Expenses. This can help loved ones from having to pay for it out of pocket and from going into debt covering funeral expenses.

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